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Zodiac Master Speed Builds Empty Zodiac Master Speed Builds

Post by CrazyAchmed on Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:49 am

Because grinds are boring, here's what you want for a core speedrun deck:

600% Bonus minimum
CD5 witch
2-3 runestone converters CD5

The witch is there to grind down high def fortune tellers, dragons, and astralists. You want two runestone converters with CD5 or less, since you need to burst round 7 and 8. Put in a few strong cards that you need to have their CD lowered. Ensure you have at least 8889 HP in case something bad happens.

Mono teams are preferred, and double fiends make it go even faster. Here's a few examples:

Water: Elizabeth (L) / Pisces (CD2) / Pisces (CD7) / Witch (CD5) / Freyr / Elizabeth (Ally)

Fire: PR Tyr (L) / Agatha (CD5) / Martial Master (CD6) / Witch (CD5) / Achilles / PR Tyr (Ally)

Earth: Belle (L) / Domon (CD2) / Forest Gnome (CD5) / Witch (CD5) / Freya / Belle (Ally)

Dark: PR Loki (L) / Baphomet (CD5) / GSOD (CD5) / Witch (CD5) / Alma (CD6) / PR Loki (Ally)

The water team is what I'm currently running, and it consistently farms zodiac masters in 11 battle rounds or less. The only alternative you need to consider is a Greek deck for the light based stages with enchanted shield monsters. Either that, or create enchanted hearts whenever you can so the converters can turn them into enchanted runes.


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Zodiac Master Speed Builds Empty Re: Zodiac Master Speed Builds

Post by Blindee on Wed Feb 26, 2014 11:44 pm

Mono light on dark zodiacs:

Mina L + graffin + light DS + anyother two light + PR thor

Mono dark can have the following setup too:

Daji + baph + GSOD or Gemino + anyother two dark + PR loki

These two are not as powerful as the 300% fiend mono decks (fire, earth and water), but they are safe and quick as well.

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