[Strategy + Video] Way to Curse quick run

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[Strategy + Video] Way to Curse quick run Empty [Strategy + Video] Way to Curse quick run

Post by Blindee on Thu Mar 20, 2014 1:43 pm

The strategy is based on double jackie + Taurus setup.  But you can replace jackie with tyr.

My setup:

lv60 jackie + lv99 GSOF + lv99 Medea + lv99 fire DS + lv 69 Taurus + lv99 jackie

The key is to store as many fire runes as possible before entering stage 12 and 14.  In the round fighting freyja, do not dissolve all unwanted runes, as you need to have fire different color runes available for the Athena round coming after.  easy job with mono fire with blood fiend and taurus.  If the level of GSOF is maxed ,could have done it within 30 rounds.


Active Medea as soon as possible

Round 1 - 4:  just burn them
Round 5: Active your GSOF and fire DS to oneshot them (save time)
Round 6-9: just burn them
Round 10: Use GSOF and Fire DS to oneshot them as well

Round 11: Soulstone stage.  You want to store fire runes as many as possible.  Although some will argue that it is not necessary, but I like to do it to save time and CDs.  Idealy you store 2x2 fire runes at the two corners at the bottom of your screen.  And save 2-6 runes in the top three rows.  

Round 12: Form 3 team atk.  Use converter if lack fire runes.

Round 13: Store fire runes again like exactly wut you did in round 11.  Before entering r14, you should have at least 10+ fire runes and try to use earth/heart rune to separate them as them can be converted to fire.  And make sure all your CDs are ready.

Round 14: Activate Jackie and Fire DS, or GSOF + Fire DS depends on how many fire runes on your board.  Then activate taurus.  shouldnt be too hard to break def

Round 15: try not to use too many fire runes,  if you used jackie in round 14, you only need to dissolve three fire runes and make a 4 combo to kill both of them

Round 16: use all your fire runes and spin a good combo, It is not too hard and you can do it.

Round 17: easy stage but need care and attention.  you dont want to waste too many runs here as you want to have his buff for domon and the final boss.  Try to oneshot it but ensure there are five color runes available to break Athena's fire attribute shield.

Round 18: if you there are three of every 5 elements on your screen, it is pass, otherwise better luck tmr.  ;P  But if you spin will in r17, you should have a high pass rate here too

Round 19: try dissolve at least 2 x 3fire runes and for 5-7 combos to kill domon in one go. Like said before, you want to have Taurus's buff in the final stage,  Try to reserve your converters for the final boss too.

Round 20: If your Taurus' active is still on and the converters are ready, you have made it already,  Use them all! burn it!


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