[Video 0 diamond on GM +Strategy] A Mad Tea Party

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 [Video 0 diamond on GM +Strategy] A Mad Tea Party Empty [Video 0 diamond on GM +Strategy] A Mad Tea Party

Post by Blindee on Mon Mar 17, 2014 2:51 am

Battle Information

Strategy: Yes I figured I should still pulled some words together for strategy. So long words short, burn them! lol with mono water, it is just too easy. If other setup is used, make sure you store some CDs in the first two rounds so you can break the def in round 3 or active snipe it. After r3, it is all straight forwards

Round 1,2,4,5,7,8: random combination of the followings:

Evolved Red Witch: HP ? Damage 4030 CD 1 Converts Heart runestones to fire runestones.
Red Pawn: HP 20040 Damage 3720 CD 2 Attack increases for every dragon on your team
Green Pawn: HP 58560 Damage 10680 CD 3 Disregards any damage reduction effect
Yellow Pawn: HP 32520 Damage 6240 CD 2 All damages are reduced with the exception of those inflicted by Fiends.

Round 3:
Metablaze: HP 26 Damage 9822 CD 1 Defense 150000

Round 6:
Lord of Elava: HP 583K Damage 6854 CD 2 The enemy inflicts 1000 damage for every member of the team that attacks it.
Witch of Silvernight: HP 626K Damage 6334 CD 2 Reduces the CD of all actives to 0, making them usable.

Round 9:
Salamander Golem: HP 669K Damage 7763 CD 2 Enemy attack increases as HP decreases.
Evil Gargoyle Golem: HP 406K Damage 5760 CD 1 Disables all debuffs skills, e.g. Control, Poison etc.

Round 10:
Boss: HP 1.32 Million Damage - CD 2 The enemy damages for 90% every time it attacks.

Walkthrough Video

the battle is very easy with mono water.

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