[Strategy] The Devourer of Absoluteness - Nidhogg

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[Strategy] The Devourer of Absoluteness - Nidhogg

Post by Blindee on Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:22 pm

Well, sorry for the late information as it is just not dobale for me when the event is released in a weekday.  I managed to get through it with 0 diamond with dark mono team this morning.  I have included the battle information and strategy below.  General speaking, this SM is probably the easiest battle.

For Dark mono players, here is a relatively safer setup:

Daji + Endor + Odin (endor or Odin can be replaced by Elf queen or Saruman) + Pollux + GSOD+ Baph

Battle information:

Round 1

Five baby defensive dragon
No specific skill
(Hp 11258/Atk 3567/Def 4425/CD 1)
(Hp 10986/Atk 3682/Def 4425/CD 1)
(Hp 11926/Atk 3458/Def 4425/CD 1)
(Hp 11843/Atk 3622/Def 4425/CD 1)
(Hp 11337/Atk 3675/Def 4425/CD 1)

Round 2

Crystal Dragon X 3
Trojan: The lower the enemy's HP, the higher the enemy's ATK

(Hp 93726/Atk 9000/Def 2000/CD 5)
(Hp 93726/Atk 9000/Def 2000/CD 5)
(Hp 93726/Atk 9000/Def 2000/CD 5)

Note: The starting CDs are 2,1,2. (tried few times and they are always the same)

Round 3

Eternal dragon Light + Dark
They have to die together or reviving each other when they hit CD1

(Hp 238332/Atk 12070/Def 660/CD 2)
(Hp 252325/Atk 9820/Def 420/CD 2)

Note: After a dead one is revived by the other one, the reborn one will start with a CD of 3.

Round 4


(Hp 539700/Atk 1/Def 5000/CD 1)

Round 5

Water DS and baby aqua novice

Reset Skill CD (can't use skill)
(Hp 1200/Atk 10892/Def 290/CD 1)

dissolve 5 same attribute runestone or more to deal damage
(Hp 600/Atk 8000/CD 1)

Note: You have to make a team atk (eg, 5 rune in same color) to initial atk to any of these two mobs here.  For example, if you dissolved only 3 runes, it will do 0 dmg regardless of which mob you targeted.

Round 6

2 random Runestones will be weathered each turn.If a weathered stone is moved, the turn ends immediately and Summoner would receive 30% damage of total HP. Attack of enemies increases as the number of weathered Runestones does. When Summoner 's HP is fully recovered, the Self Recovery points left would become Attack points.
(Hp 201532/Atk 4213/Def 260/CD 1)


There are a number of setups can pass this battle without using any or only few diamonds.  I have managed to clear it with dark mono:

Daji + Endor + Odin + Pollux + Bahp + PR Loki

Obviously, Diablo team is probably gona ace this battle, but well I don't have diablo.  I am sure many other rcr team can get through as well.  But for people like me who only has offensive cards or advocate of dark monos, this setup is doable without too much stress.  Thinking about it, I might replace Odin with GSOD to have more heart converter and replace Endor with elf queen to speed up the boss stage.  But it is up to you to decide which setup works the best for you.  Cheers

Round 1:
To be honest, using my setup, it is very hard to grind any CD in the first round.  They are only 10k health each >.< I only made a 3c but skydrop topped it up to 5c and killed everything.
Ideally, use a 3C comb to kill all the dragon babies that are in CD1, and left one or two to store more CDs for later battle.

Round 2:
The three crystal dragon I encountered are normally having a CD combination of CD1, CD2, CD2.  I targeted the CD1 one and made a 5 combo.  The damage could killed the one I targeted and half of hp of another one.  The I then kill the rest two together.
Ideally, I think you should just kill them all before they atk you, so you can enter round 3 with full hp.

Actually there is another way to store CD in round 2.  Kill one CD2 dragon in the first round, and heal up in the 2nd round to tank another hit.  Then you have at least 4-5 rounds to store CD or kill.  If you do it carefully, you can get all your cards' cds ready.  But I prefer to store mine in round 3 which is much safer.

Round 3:
Like I described, I only did three rounds in the first two stage.  None my card's Cd is ready.  My strategy is to target the light dragon and kill it fast and left the dark dragon to revive the light one.  In order to make it work, you better kill the light dragon within 2 CDs.  Even if you could not kill it, make sure you can heal up your health after the dark dragon hit you.  As you can tell, I stored my CDs in this round.

Round 4:
The first round was just dissolve unwanted runes as many as possible while reserving heart rune.  After Agatha hit me, I only have 10% hp left.  Activate Odin and rune converters, then build a time tunnel to oneshot the boss.  Agatha has only 500k hp, thus shouldn't be too hard.  Important note:  Make sure when you build you time tunnel, save four dark runes either at the bottom lane or vertically to the side lanes.  This is to help you get through the next round

After few more Nidhogg runs, I dont recommend to let Agatha hit you anymore, just use all your converter and build time tunnel with Daji and save 4 darks runes.  If Agatha is not killed, use Endor to bring back the health and kill the boss.  You want to have as much hp as possible to start with in Nidhogg round.

Round 5:
If you managed to save 4 dark runes in the last round, just link it to form a 5 rune team attack.  If you failed to do so in round 4, it is gona be your diamond time.

Round 6:
Easiest battle ever!  
Make sure you can dissolve the two weathered runes every round.  You can actually tank up to 3/4 attacks from Nidhogg.  In short:
  1. Make sure dissolve all two weathered runes every round
  2. Reserve light rune so Pollux and convert it when CD's up
  3. If you are low in health, or not able to dissolve the two weathered rune due to lack of runes on your screen, activate Endor or Daji to help you get through.
  4. Patience and focus!
  5. Dang! Nidhogg dies

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Re: [Strategy] The Devourer of Absoluteness - Nidhogg

Post by Blindee on Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:10 am

Wells, did few times Nidhogg, and apparently it was only my first time I could do it with 0 diamond. I always played dumb in Round 6 and didnt manage to dissolve all the weathered runes. I have to say, with offensive setup, it is very easy to get through stage 1-5, but in stage 6, be careful and focused! >.< now I have got 5 already, don't think I will do one more or make any video for this. I believe there are much better setup than mono dark can be used on Nidhogg.


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Re: [Strategy] The Devourer of Absoluteness - Nidhogg

Post by Blindee on Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:13 am

I will update the thread when I see better setups for this SM battle.

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Re: [Strategy] The Devourer of Absoluteness - Nidhogg

Post by Eardrum73 on Wed Mar 12, 2014 6:35 am

Thanks Blindee for all your postings... you are a credit to us all!

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Re: [Strategy] The Devourer of Absoluteness - Nidhogg

Post by Aki [KoA] on Wed Mar 12, 2014 8:48 pm

After a lot of thinking I used a Santa team for this.
Santa, PR Sean, DSoF, PKoD, PQoW, Daji (Ally)
The Water Pala isn't necessary at all.

Stage 1:
Everything fine. Didn't kill them to fast and could store some CD.

Stage 2:
Killed first CD2 Egg and took the hit. Unfortunately couldn't heal to max and had to use 1 diamond.

Stage 3:
Cost me 3 diamonds Sad
Finished them off with Santa time tunnel.

Stage 4:
I saved my actives for that.
Prepared the board with Daji and took the first hit.
Finished with PR Sean.
I tried to spare 3 fire runes for next stage but skydrops used them up.

Stage 5:
Could do a 5 water combo and done.

Stage 6:
Would be relatively easy. But Nidhogg cheatet on me  Evil or Very Mad
Cost me another 3 diamonds 'cause he often withered runes that had only two on the board or two runes of the same kind when there are not enought to clear them away.
Finished with PKoD.

So 7 diamonds in total. Could have been done with less.
But absolutely worth it.

Aki [KoA]

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Re: [Strategy] The Devourer of Absoluteness - Nidhogg

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