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Nidhogg SM details Empty Nidhogg SM details

Post by GranDz on Tue Mar 11, 2014 2:49 pm

Guys, the stage details for Nidhogg SM is out.

The info in available on chinese wikia here.

5th stage, the small gsoa has a 5-rune shield. I personally see this stage as a stage to reset summoner's skill as the mobs have low hp and very high attack, making them not suitable for stalling at all.

Nidhogg himself, okay he generates 2 weathered runes per turn. If these weathered runes are moved, summoners lose 30% of their max hp. Nidhogg's attack also increases with the number of weathered runes on the screen. Lastly, overheal to damage.

Good luck to those attempting and kindly share your opinions or strategies with all the Knights!

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