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pink's allies

Post by pink_dreamery on Sat Mar 08, 2014 9:13 am

Gosh this can be such a chore! LOL

Alrighty, listing Max Level only:

Baphomet CD5
Felix the Cat Duke CD15
Fox Queen Daji CD15
Great Schema of Dark CD5
Lu Bu the Warlord CD22
Necromancer Master Endor CD13
Odin the Knight of Remains CD16
Paladin King of Dark CD23
Saruman the Evil Lord CD18

The Desirous Elf Queen
Eternal Granter Idun CD15
Great Schema of Light CD13
Griffin King CD7
Minamoto no Yoshitsune CD12
Thor God of Storm CD16
Wukong the Monkey King CD18

Charon the Soul Carrier CD16
Court of Aquarius - Carrie CD16
Court of Pisces - CateuaRavniss CD7
Curse Prophesier Cassandra CD8
Dreadful Ctulhu CD5
Freyr the Immortal Warrior CD15
Great Schema of Aqua CD5
History Writer Urd CD20
Paladin Queen of Water CD20
Sage Master Molly CD11

Achilles the Hero of Kleos CD17
Court of Taurus - Armstrong CD15
Faith Skuld CD15
Great Schema of Fire CD5
Hong Yue the Puppet CD16
Love-hate Enchantress Medea CD10
Santa Claus the Deep Thinker CD15
Tyr God of Justice CD15

Fate Keeper Verdandi CD10
Freyja Goddess of Love CD17
Medusa Fatale CD25
Paladin King of Earth CD16


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