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Blindee's allies

Post by Blindee on Sun Mar 02, 2014 6:46 am

I have listed some maxed cards and the ones I intend to max in near future below:


GSOF, Medea, Agatha, Santa, Skuld, Taurus

currently lvling Taurus and Jackie


Molly, PR Urd, Cassandra

Currently lvling Liz (70), Pisces (70), Carrie (70), Beowulf (70)

Earth: (my current favorite)

PKOE, Circle, Byahkee, Belle

Currently lvling Hertz (55), Diarmuid (70), Freyja (1), Domon (70)


Maxed: PR Nathaniel, Idun, solar Sirius, Elf queen

Currently lvling Wukong (60), Virgo (60), Minamoto (60), light DS (33), and Libra (I saw ppl use it to deal 30 million dmg)

Dark: (my love and hate, too many setups, dont know which to focus on)

Maxed: Daji (slvl 15), Odin, GSOD, Baphomet, Artemis, PR Endor, PR Valkyri,

Currently lvling Pollux (82), Loki (28), Isabella (27), Alma, Lubu(20)

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