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Revenge After the Festival -- rankings Empty Revenge After the Festival -- rankings

Post by maouinin on Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:18 am

The guild event "Revenge After the Festival" ended at midnight Sunday night (Nov. 10)/Monday morning (Nov. 11). Knights of Avalon Ranked 26th on the English server, 5 places below our last showing of 21st. All told an excellent effort. Congratulations All.

High scorers (top 10) for this event:

Norik 2,850 Points -- We have a new Champion. Congratulations

maouinin 2,710 Points --- Got his butt kicked by the Armenian Sensation
CruxadeCryx 1480 Points
Bao Ho 1450 Points
Aki, LJLee 1350 Points each
Kitteyaya 1320 Points
CrazyAchmed 1150 Points
pink dreamery 1140 Points
Leya (shue) 1100 Points

Also a goodly number above 1000 points. Well fought.

There was also a group of under achievers this event. Not sure what happened, since guild minimum should have been easy to achieve, especially with hidden conditions known very early on. Disappointing. What happened?

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