Not sure what to focus on to build a decent deck....

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Not sure what to focus on to build a decent deck....

Post by Magesplat on Sat Oct 04, 2014 7:45 am

Alo. ^_^

I have recently returned to ToS after a long hiatus and feel very lucky to have found this wonderful guild!

I am embarrassed by my poor performance for our most recent guild event, The Pantheon's Ordeal.  I have known that my beast deck (the only one I had managed to put together before my hiatus) wasn't the most awesome, but it has seemed to get the job done for most things more or less (at Master level)... However, my eyes have been opened to just how not up to par my team is, having had to rely on luck to get past the last few stages of the ordeal (that would be measly lvls 8-12)... And even luck isn't cutting it at this point to meet the guild minimum (hence my embarrassment).

So, my apologies for my poor showing. I want to get better!  Gahhhhhh.  I realized that all of my thinking is based on the games state and available cards from almost a year ago, and really out if date.  I have a collection of interesting cards, but nothing that is an obvious, "build that deck!" Set of cards, at least to my knowledge...  which is outdated at best.  

I figure if I want to build something decent quickly, I need to focus... But I'm totally unsure of what to focus on at this point. I feel like I'm chasing my tail around "almost" decks and not getting anywhere.

My question is, what of this mess of cards would you suggest/recommend I focus on to build a deck that isn't so behind the times that I can keep up a respectable showing while continuing to grow and improve?

Verdandi, Skuld, Idun, Valkyrie
Apollo, Posideon
Carrie, John

Xi,  Stolas, Jack

Molly, Nathaniel, Sean, Duncan, Endor
Cassandra, Circe, Medea (I had been building them up)
PKOD, Light, Water
(Witches, my soulstone farming team)
Marbas, Gretchen & Heisenberg

Brightmoon, Silvernight, Elava, Floret, High Seas
Yidrha, Yvette, Marguerite, Isabel
Wukong, Little Lotus

Icetotagon, Metablaze, Govindasaur, Decapa
Fire Golem, Belial Golem
GSofAqua, Seth
Luminametallic Dragon, Hydrometallic Dragon
DS Light, DS Fire, Ursula
Tulscha, Dagon, Faughn
Protometallic Dragon Uranus

AofD, AofL, GSofE, GSofF
Fulbright Golem, Metallic Leopard, Crystaluxe Golem
Griffin King, Medusa, Ctulhu, Cerberus
Baphomet, Ra
Ducks - Martial Master, Tribal Chief, Treasure Raider, Paladin Guardian

Thank you for your time in reading this any any input or suggestions you may have!  

       In Gratitude, Daima. =^_^=


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Re: Not sure what to focus on to build a decent deck....

Post by larken on Sat Oct 04, 2014 8:52 am

Going from the cards in your list, I'd go with

Stolas, Circe, Medea, PR Starter (Either Endor/Sean would be advisable), last spot would be a converter for either dark or fire runes (I'd go with DS Fire, or PR your Nezha later on; note that if nezha is going to be used, aim for min cd), Ally Daji.

While its not amazing for top end burst (wrt the guild event; enchantresses aren't great for really high bursts), it'll do pretty good damage most of the time.


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Re: Not sure what to focus on to build a decent deck....

Post by Eardrum73 on Sat Oct 04, 2014 4:48 pm

Also as another possibility (for general play) would be a poseidon greek deck.

Poseidon leader and ally
Treasure raider
Cthulu or GSoA
Gretchen & H (or molly)

All needto be max lvl and at least stage 2 or 3 ammo.  Low cd helps too!

Another deck that i can see is a grindy defensive deck...
But i its a long way to go for that one as you would need to max and pr everyone, with low cds

Pr wukong (ally another wukong or pr idun, depending on the situation)
Pr verdani
Any 1 low cd converter (eg gsof)

This deck will allow you to clear many transmigrations and some SM battles safely, but it will take awhile to clear!

No need to be embarass magesplat, you tried and gave it your best shot thats all that matters.Smile
We recognise that different ppl are at different stages Smile

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Re: Not sure what to focus on to build a decent deck....

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