Black Hole - Harpy: Gates of the Defile (Safe 0 Diamond Clear)

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Black Hole - Harpy: Gates of the Defile (Safe 0 Diamond Clear) Empty Black Hole - Harpy: Gates of the Defile (Safe 0 Diamond Clear)

Post by Eardrum73 on Sat Aug 30, 2014 3:14 pm

I recently cleared Harpy and I thought I'd share it with the knights.
The pre-fight nerves itself can be a little daunting when you need to outlay 100 keys - the last thing you need is to take the wrong team to the fight and waste diamonds or worst 100 keys!!!
So without further ado here is the strategy on how to beat it:

The Team
Leader: Santa
Sean (or any PR Starter)
PR Verd (or any group defence ignoring attack – eg Valkyrie, PKOF or Honeymon etc)
Cancer (or any group shooter)
Ally: PR Fox

The configuration above clears safely and easily, but if you don’t have the above cards the general idea is to go with:

Damage enhancing leader and ally, a burst card, 2 x defence ignoring shooting actives(the best are PKOFs or PR Faugns), another burst or healing card or PR Valkyrie or a Control card like Ird/medusa (but not issy since harpy attacks twice a turn)

Recommended: Cancer

The strategy
Have a combination of defence ignoring shooters and burst cards to clear stages.  

The Fight

S1: 5 x Material Spirits
One of the spirits will activate ALL your cds. So there's is no need to stall whatsoever.
They only have 50hp each so just make a combo of 5 or spin normally to finish them off.

S2: 3 x crystal eggs
All of these have high defence and seriously low hps (like 12 hp or something). They will also explode upon death. If you spin normally and kill them, they will explode and you will take 10kdamage from EACH of the eggs. You can bypass this by using an active to kill them.
Simply activate PR Verd or any defence ignoring shooter and finish them off. (DO NOT use PKOF here, as you need him in the next stage.)

S3: 3 x Invisible Swords
All swords are INVISIBLE and have high defence and low hps (20 hps). Activate defence ignoring shooter such as PKOF or PR Faugn and finish them off.
Because I didnt take PKOF, I had to use Wukong's active and then Cancers, but really a defence ignoring group shot like PKOF will do. (Verdani, Honeymon or Valk will not work)

S4: 2 x Great Soulstone
It’s imperative that you stall here and make sure all CDs are ready to go before moving on.

S5: 3 x Honeymon (2 small and 1 big honeymon)
The big Honey will lock all your actives, while the small ones will deduct 30% hp every turn. They have 20k defence each but only 22 hps so if you took a damage boosting leader (and ally) you should be able to finish them off by spinning normally.
If you brought PR valk you can use her active here to unlock your actives and activate a time tunnel. But if you took 2 x damage boosting leaders, AND can do 4 combos and above you should be able to finish them off in one turn without even needing PR Valk.

S6: 5 Gomes.
The light gnome will prevent you from using chain attack (5 rune match attacks will be rendered useless). This gnome has high defence and low hps (20) so just shoot it down with a defence ignoring active.

If you brought Cancer your job is cut out for you. Cancer’s active will kill all the gnomes instantly. (Don’t forget to kill light gnome first with a defence ignoring active first.)
The gnomes have about 100k hp each so your cancer doesn’t even have to be fully levelled.

If you don't have cancer….
The other gnomes have 20 to 25% tumbler shield so that means you can only inflict a max of 20 or 25% damage in one turn only via normal spinning. The black gnome has 50% tumbler so this is the one that you should target first.

Fight the gnomes in this order: Light (with a defence ignoring shot), black, red, blue then green.
This will take a few turns, so make sure you heal up adequately to sustain you in this fight.

All the gnomes hit for around 4k , except for dark which hits for 8k with CD1 (another reason to target him first).

S7: The harpy!
The harpy has 1 million hp and will attack twice in a turn dealing 100k hp with a CD of 1. You will die if you don't finish harpy off in one turn.
Just activate PR Sean and finish the harpy off.
Alternatively you can activate Ird/medusa if you don’t have santa team and finish him of in 4 turns. Need to deal 250k hps min a turn but this shouldn’t be a problem for teams these days.

Really just take Santa/pr fox and 1 pr starter and you should be fine without even needing a control.

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