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Hades SM Quick Guide Empty Hades SM Quick Guide

Post by larken on Mon Jul 14, 2014 10:05 pm

Cost: 50 Stamina (Must complete two Zodiac Chapter 2 EX)
Waves: 7
Coins Earned: ???
EXP Earned: ???

01/07 Underworld Cerberus ×2
134,522 HP/7,365 ATK/10 DEF/CD 2 (2)
Drop: N/A

02/07 Charon the Soul Carrier
323,458 HP/100 ATK/180 DEF/CD 1 (1)
40% HP Reduction
The enemy reduces your HP by 40% whenever its CD reaches 0, regardless of damage reduction.
Drop: N/A

03/07 Baphomet ×2
684,290 HP/18,763 ATK/110 DEF/CD 4
Double Attack
The enemy attacks twice instead of once.
Drop: N/A

04/07 Beowulf the Dragonslayer
66 HP/39,835 ATK/580,000 DEF/CD 3
The actives of all dragons are disabled for an infinite number of turns.
Drop: N/A

05/07 Artemis Goddess of the Moon
1,234,682 HP/5,943 ATK/230 DEF/CD 1 (1)
20% Masked Runes
There is a 20% chance of a falling rune to be masked.
Drop: N/A

06/07 Lü Bu the Warlord
284,750 HP/9,173 ATK/160 DEF/CD 1 (1)
20% Tumbler
The enemy only receives damage up to 20% of its HP per turn. Damage inflicted that was caused by skills will bypass this shield.
Drop: N/A

07/07 God of the Underworld - Hades
2,348,600 HP/2,366 ATK/666 DEF/CD 1 (1)
50% Poison
Your HP is reduced by 50% every turn, regardless of damage reduction.
Drop: God of the Underworld - Hades (Lv 1)

Copied the above from TOSforums. Most wouldn't have much of a problem with this SM as its not particularly hard for most teams to be able to clear within a 1-3 diamond limit, but it can get tricky/luck dependent for 0 diamond clears. This is going to be a quick summary for those who might still have problems clearing the stage.

Thoughts on stages  - Using a Norse deck as an example. A dark mono would likely consist of PR Loki, Heart Convertor (Pollux/GSOD), Dark Rune Convert (Alma/SGB), Odin, _______, Ally PR Loki.

Stage 1: Cerberus is on alternate cooldowns. This is a rather easy stage (relatively), the caveat being that you either need to take one down and start storing CD, while healing 8k health every 2 turns, or healing 8k hp every turn until one of them is taken down.

Stage 2: Teams with huge amounts of HP and not quite enough rec to match will have problems stalling here (I'm looking at the Norse users - who would have about 18k, which means its about 8k health to heal every turn.). Its best to get this stage over and done with for those with high Hp pools, without the use of your offensive cooldowns (converts etc, as you'll need them for stage 3). Alternatively, you can consider pairing Loki with Daji as an ally (to lower your HP for an easier time healing, but this has its own drawbacks later).

Stage 3: Easy clear with convertors. Make sure to kill them before they hit you. FYI, the CD counters seem to be random. I had one on CD 5 and another on CD 2, but getting hit by even one of them is fatal.

Stage 4: Remember that _______ spot in the team? Ideally, it'll be something that can ignore def. If you used convertors earlier, you can waste a few turns here for CD recovery, before breaking this bugger's defense.
Dark: Non Pr Valk, Light: Wukong/GSOL. Fire: PKOF. Earth: Verdandi (best to be PR since this will help a little bit later, though if you're playing Norse, you're unlikely to drag things on in the later stages. Unfortunately, for water, there's no defense break as far as I can think of, and the 580k def is no joke (it's more than likely you'll have to bring in a crippled card i.e. Verd, PKOE, just to kill off this stage/play non-mono set ups).

Stage 5: Easy as long you're able to heal 5k ish a turn. Heart converts will make things easier when too many ? runes are on the board. This is also where the High HP teams have it easier, as you can take 3 hits without healing at all. A larger margin of error compared to say, a Loki/Daji set up with less HP, but not much. You could even burst through this stage, but its not advisable, as you'll need to be able to heal consistently for a few turns next stage.

Stage 6: The HP LuBu has is a joke, but his shield will ensure you take 5 turns to kill him at minimum. If you have verd here, you can use it to make your life slightly easier (but not much at all). It's 9k a turn, and one stack of PR Verd's active only returns 1.3k per turn. Best to break a set of attack runes and a set of heart runes every turn at least. Use actives to keep your health up. I think most teams will have some problems here mainly due to runefall - if there's a shortage of hearts and your converts are drained, its 1 diamond (but its rather easy to recover in such cases, since your HP will be full again and you're likely able to last another 3 turns, which is pretty much death for Lubu. I wouldn't try too drag this stage out, but if you're waiting for Odin's CD to come up, its better to drag here than to go to stage 7 to do it. It'll be good have an idea of how much you heal per set of heart runes/combos made.

Stage 7: Hades. Straightforward, but for the aforementioned Norse teams, its rather straightforward. 50% HP per turn WITH an addition of 2,366 dmg - which means teams with 18k HP will take about 11k damage a turn. The good news is, it makes things easier (or trickier) to reach the level of HP that Odin's active requires - break a set of hearts/or whatever it takes to bring your HP back to about 12-13k, at which Hades will whack you another time, bringing you down to 1-2k HP left. Following that, its the usual burst sequence.

Quick Note
For Norse Teams, I'm guessing the tough stages will be stage 2 (not so much) and stage 6 (esp. stage 6, where the likelihood of using 1 diamond is dependent on heart runes' fall). Other than that, it should be rather straightforward.

Personally I didn't go with Norse as I didn't really want to deal with dragging Odin's CD (mine's pretty high), and also I wasn't too certain I could keep up the heals on stage 6, and I really really wanted to try to do it with 0 diamonds instead.

I went with a standard Diablo Team instead:

Diablo, Magness, QoH, Elf Queen, Isabel, Ally Marg. (barring stage 3, 0 diamond clear)

For Diablo teams, the crucial stages are in front, or more specifically,

stage 3. You have to be able to kill the Baphomets, which in Diablo Team's case, it means being able to deal 600k dmg in within 2 turns (if you're unlucky and get both at cd 2). To do that, Diablo + 1 New Born Elf (I used Magness for this)'s team skill is more or less required to do that amount of overheal, combined with Elf Queen's boost to recovery. I was lucky and managed to do 500k in the first heal. Do note that if the Baphomets are on different cooldowns, using Isabel the turn before it attacks you will save you one time, giving you another 4 turns to kill it off (if same CD, you're gonna die).

This means that unless you have a low CD Diablo and newborn elf, you're gonna have to be able to drag things on for quite a while in stage 1 and 2, which isn't a forte of Diablo teams, as you deal damage while healing, and your counter-attacks hits pretty hard considering the HP of the mobs. Stage one's 130k hp each wouldn't last long, but in stage 2, you can let Charon hit you twice (since its percentage based) before needing to heal once.

Keep in mind that if you screw up the rune-spin with Diablo/NBelf's active and are unable to kill the Baphomets off in time, its probably better to restart. Also, its better to activate Elf Queen only when you hit stage 3 - as its likely you're gonna be dragging things out in stage 1 and 2.

Stage 4 is simple for Diablo team. Let the Elf Queen buff fall off, as Beowulf is on CD3. Heal to full once every 3 turns, other than that, its a simple grind - and a good chance to recover some cooldowns.

Stage 5 - similarly simple, but this time, active the Elf Queen's active, and grind it out, remembering to break hearts every turn to keep the buff up.

Stage 6 - Exactly the same as above. Everything after the Baphomets is pretty much a cakewalk for Diablo teams as long as you're able to keep the elf queen's buff up.

Stage 7 - Same as 5 and 6, except even easier. 50% of of a diablo team's HP is pretty much only about 4.5k, with the addition of 2.3k more dmg, meaning a total of 7k heal per turn required (way way simple to achieve as long as you keep the supply of hearts healthy - ie. one set per turn. If there's no hearts on the board, use your combined actives; a low cd heart convertor makes things alot easier, but keep in mind that in event that once there are no hearts on the board - its 1 diamond everytime this happens. And for Diablo teams, it will take more than 10 turns to be getting through 2 million HP just grinding through normally).

Theoretically, this could result in a much higher diamond count than using a Norse team (which finishes the stage faster, and thus more forgiving on mistakes), but if you're confident of being able to heal every turn, Diablo team can be considered (personally, I wouldn't do it without a QoH or at least a fully ameliorated GSOD).

Hope this helps, guys.


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Hades SM Quick Guide Empty Safe "0" Diamond clearance method for Hades

Post by Eardrum73 on Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:07 am

This here is how I cleared Hades with 0 diamonds.
It’s a “relatively” safe zero diamond clearance.
It involves grinding and took me approximately 20 to 25 minutes.

The Team
PR Idun (leader)
Cancer (ally)
Pr Verd, Lubu, Cancer, PKOD (Soldiers)

The strategy
Pr Idun to heal and PR Verd to chip in when possible.
Lubu and Cancers to whittle down the enemy while PKOD delivers the death blow.

The Fight

S1: 2 x Cerebus  
As with all SMs, aim to stall here.
PR Idun ld skill should give you lots of rounds to kill one off before your hps reaches critical stage.
(It really shouldn’t reach critical stage anyway because you should just burst healing runes to heal up)
Kill one off quickly and activate PR verd (or just burst healing runes). Once the first dog dies you should be in cruise mode.
Grind the other dog.

S2: 1 x Charion
Activate PR Verd here and both PR Idun and Verd’s active on means Charon cannot kill you. Grind until all CDs are active.

S3: 2 x Baphomet  
This setup allows you to bypass this stage without having to burst a single rune set.
If you followed my instructions carefully, all your actives should be up.
Activate Lubu, activate Cancer, activate 2nd cancer, activate PKOD. (IN THIS EXACT ORDER)
Result.....2 dead goats.

S4: 1 x Beowulf
Activate PR Verd before you mash runes.
Instant death for the Monster slayer.
Wham, bam thank you mam. Moving on…..

S5: 1 x Artermis
Mask runes are a pain in the butt. Stall until PR Verd comes up.
Get 3 stacks up and just grind from there.
Use PR Idun to help heal up if you find yourself in deep doo doo.
Make sure all CDs are up and save up on healing runes before moving on (this will help when you meet Hades)

S6: 1 x Lubu
Activate 2 x Cancer and its goodbye Lubu.

S7: 1 x Hades
Riskiest stage for this setup. Hades will deal about 9k+ damage every round with this setup.
If you have saved up sets of healing runes then you can activate Lubu and take 30% of Hades hps off. Then heal up via healing runes.
Actiavte PR Verd immediately after and try to get 3 stacks up ASAP.
Once PR verd 3 stacks is up combine with Iduns leadership skill its smooth sailing. You just need to burst the occasional healing rune every 6 or 7 rounds or so.
Use Idun’s active to stall if you run out of healing gems.
When you have lots of healing runes up, shoot Hades with Cancer and Lubu actives to speed things up….  And heal up again via runes.

The only way you can die here is early in the piece where you get trolled for no healing sky drop for 3 or 4 rounds.

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Hades SM Quick Guide Empty Re: Hades SM Quick Guide

Post by larken on Tue Jul 15, 2014 9:34 am

nice share Ear. It's probably a better setup than a Diablo team in terms of safety. Wouldn't have thought of that particular sequence for handling S3.


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Hades SM Quick Guide Empty Re: Hades SM Quick Guide

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