Dragon Malificent SM (safe and 0 Diamond Clear)

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Dragon Malificent SM (safe and 0 Diamond Clear) Empty Dragon Malificent SM (safe and 0 Diamond Clear)

Post by Eardrum73 on Wed Jun 04, 2014 5:12 am

Greetings Brother Knights and Ladies of the Court,

Here is a relatively safe configuration of how to beat Dragon Malificent with 0 diamonds.
The team I am about to scribe is a grind team, will take about an hour to clear, but it’s relatively safe.
The fight is only available if you have switch over to the Disney channel! (see guild announcement instructions on how to switch over using VPN)

The team
Leader/Ally: Double Domon or Double Taurus or Domon/Taurus

Crucial Followers: Diablo

Other filler followers: PR verd (for passive healing), Odin (just for stats only), Cancer (just to kill S4 at the same time)

You could also take PR Valkyrie if you have her. This will give allow you to use your actives in S6. (I didn't have her)
Need at least 15.5k hps to tank S4 or more.
Important thing is healing. You need to heal well, you could potentially substitute any of these fillers for healing converters and a burst for lvl 4.

The fight:

S1: 4 x Disney toons - Spin and heal normally here.

S2: 1 x Carr the Snake: Spin and heal normally here. (When the snake dies he will mask all runes on the board) Make sure Diablo active is on when you clear the snake!

S3: 1 x Malificent: Entire board will be masked. Activate diablo’s active. This will reset the entire board and reveal runes.
Activate PR Verd for a safety net and spin and heal as per normal.
Malificent has poison that deals 30% hp damage in addition to her normal attack. The poison is not blocked by leader/ally damage reduction skill but her attack is. So you need to be on your toes abit here. But if you are a great rune spinner you should burst enough runes every turn to give you some healing runes.

S4:2 x toons: These two live of each other. (ie both must die at the same time)  - The green toon hits for like 4.5k but the white toon hits for 9+k damage? So you need enough hp to tank the two hits and you need to heal well before they strike again. PR verd helps and spin like hell or use converters here to heal up. When both are low on hps use Cancer's active or burst them both to death at the same time.

S5: Suicide bomber Malificent (again?): Spin and heal normally. When she dies, she will explode and you will be down to 1 hp. Active skills will not stop this!
Important: Before she dies SAVE UP SOME HEALING GEMS at the bottom so you can heal up next turn! (I saved up 3 sets of 3 healing runes)

S6: Dragon Malificent: Will lock up ALL your active skills. Luckily you don’t need your actives with this setup. You are down to 1 hp (and my dragon maleficent had CD1) but do not fret! If you have listened to my instructions previously you would have saved up some healing gems.
Burst your healing sets and any other combos you can manage to increase effectiveness. Once you are close to max hps you are pretty safe as Dragon Malficient only hits for 4k damage with this setup. So spin and heal as per normal. Unless you are trolled with no healing gems for successive turns… dragon maleficent should be in the bag!

And this is how you beat Dragon Malificent safely!

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