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Rise of the Mosasaur Empty Rise of the Mosasaur

Post by larken on Fri May 23, 2014 8:35 pm

Tried this without looking up battle stats (none that I could find), had to retry once. Brief summary - another evol material stage, and not a easy one at that (meaning if you bring in random teams, you will most likely die). A quick summary of the stages (doing this from memory, so may have mistakes in naming and such):

Stage 1
2 Evolved Salamanders (Water), CD 2 (can be on same cd). About 6k dmg each. HP Unknown (but doesn't matter)

Stage 2
2 * Deep Ones. HP < 10k. Explodes for 10k dmg when killed, unless killed by an active.
1 * Ghoph Keh. High HP (likely ~100k). Attacks twice, CD4. Dmg is high enough to kill off non dmg reduction teams if it hits (I went in with dmg red, so its hard to guesstimate the hp).

Stage 3
3 Dragon's Egg. Attk on Cd 2. Invis shield (Can't be attacked until it hits you first. Can be targetted by actives). Hits hard, average HP.

Stage 4
1 * Water Arcdrachmite. 90% hp per hit. Very low hp (<1k), extremely high defense (100k (?); I think it was, but just bring an ignore def card for him).

Stage 5
1 * Mosasaur. Starts with CD1 (has a cd of 4 for next attack, but it doesn't matter). Invis shield (won't take damage until it hits you first). Damage is high enough to 1 hit KO me even with 50% reduction from water + Wukong.

Bring Water Def Cards along with ignore def actives.

I used the following:
Verdandi PR
Ally: Wukong

Definitely more actives that is necessary, but I decided to play on the safe side since I didn't know how much HP the mobs were going to have.


Stage 1:
Between Galio and Wukong, you pretty much won't die as long as you can heal once every few turns. Take the chance to get some of the CDs ready here. Just spin and kill regularly.

Stage 2:
PKOE one of the Deep Ones (no explosion damage). Then target the other one and kill it, leaving the Ghoph neh for last. Remember not to kill the Deep One if the Ghoph is going to attack you that turn - or you will take the 10k damage. You can activate Verdandi here - and grind out the cds. Feel free to use Cancer to speed things up (it will take off less than half of the Ghoph neh's hp, which leads me to think it has more than 400k hp).

Note: Verdandi's active dmg will not kill the Deep Ones in a single life drain.

Stage 3:
Just let them attack and remove the invis shield. Don't use any actives, except for Verdandi's. Just another grinding stage, if you brought the damage reduction leaders and allies; those who didn't might have a hard time, as those eggs hit hard and have rather low cds of 2. Otherwise, have Verdandi ready before you enter stage 4.

Stage 4:
Verdandi's active will kill it. (I think it has < 12 hp)

Stage 5:
PKOE's active is sufficient to kill it. (It will ignore the invis shield). If you don't have PKOE ready, you will die even if you have Galio/Pisces + Wukong; in such cases, use Isabel's active.

Overall, pretty easy, considering Isabel, Cancer, and Wukong's actives are not necessary; I brought them just in case. The shocker comes at the fifth stage if you didn't bring any direct ignore defense cards (Verdandi's active will NOT affect invis shielded mobs).

When the accurate stats for this fight comes out (if it does), I'll update the thread.


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Rise of the Mosasaur Empty Re: Rise of the Mosasaur

Post by Kalvis on Sat May 24, 2014 12:46 pm

Good. Anyway I have to PR my Verd

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Rise of the Mosasaur Empty Re: Rise of the Mosasaur

Post by pink_dreamery on Tue May 27, 2014 4:46 pm

Ran this today as I had an excess of stamina... Thanks for posting this up larken
Did it with Pisces (leader), PR Verd, PKoE, Faugn, Saruman, Pisces (ally)


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Rise of the Mosasaur Empty Re: Rise of the Mosasaur

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