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Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!  Empty Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!

Post by Eardrum73 on Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:02 am

Hi all,

Since Dinebolt has requested for KoA fluff, I thought I would oblige (lol).
Damn, Im such a sucker for this kind of fluffy stuff. (must resist..... fails*)  Laughing 

Btw Apart from “Eardrum” my other nic is “Green Knight” (just so you don’t get confuse while reading Surprised ). It’s not one that I use very often anymore, but it is kinda appropriate for the fluff. So Im going to use it here instead.

The Avalonian Chronicles

Here you will find tales of knights, adventure, danger, valor, bravery and chivalric virtues.  
When the tales are finished they will be collected into one volume called the “The Green Knight and the Knights of Avalon”


“Know, O prince, that between the years when the oceans drank Azeroth, and the years of the rise of the Sons of Aryas, there was an Age undreamed of, when shining kingdoms lay spread across the world like blue mantles beneath the stars.
But the proudest kingdom of the realm was Avalon, reigning supreme in the dreaming isles. 
Hither came the Green Knight, black-haired, sullen-eyed, sword in hand, a leader, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jewelled thrones of the land under his sandalled feet.”

The Avalonian Chronicles

The Age of Dragons

Once mighty dragons ruled the realm. Dragons whose scales were encrusted with jewels. It was an age of despair.
Many warriors rose to fight against the tyranny of the dragons and many were crushed under their unrelenting might.

Chief amongst the warriors was a gladiator who wore a broken mail shirt to battle, a crazy but skilful Saracen warrior, a mysterious Green Knight and a warrior hermit from the East known as Ario, who single handily taught many of the warriors how to fight against the jewel dragons.

After a long struggle, the dragons were finally defeated, though not entirely vanquished, they were kept at bay in Jewelland, never to threatened the realm again.

The Age of Saviours

The time of discovery
With the dragons gone, a new age dawns. It was a time of discovery. There was new lands to discover and monsters to fight.
It fell to Grandmaster Ario, the Green Knight and a few others to tutor the new breed of emerging warriors.
The two achieve renown in the new world through their teachings.

The time of Commerce
Relative peace ensures. Many veteran warriors from the Age of Dragons began to slumber into deep sleep, never to awake again.
Others embark on a merchant’s journey, trading their swords and armour for a life of luxury. forgoing their warrior ways forever.
As the autumn leaves fall, even Ario withdraws from the new world. He retires into the mountains to live a hermit’s life. Rarely ever seen again.

The time of the Young Kingdoms
With the departure of the old guard, gave rise to new leaders and warlords, and ultimately the formation of the Young Kingdoms.
It was a time that saw the rise of warring clans and kingdoms. The days of the lone hero was in decline. It was the time of armies and war.  
It is this era that much of the Avalonian Chronicles will be written.  

The mysterious Green Knight (Aka Eardrum73)

Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!  Gkimag10

The Green Knight one of the few remaining warriors from the Age of Dragons, ponders on his next move when he is visited by a vision of a madman!
The madman foretells that a time of strife that will soon come:

“Only by strength in numbers can you possibly prevail against the terror and win the spoils of war, the days of the lone warrior is over”
The Green Knight knew that he had to build a kingdom of fearless knights who could stem the tide of darkness.  
With great cost to his personal wealth he commissions a castle to be built on the magical isles of Avalon.
“In Avalon shall reside all the finest knights of the realm and I shall be their King.”
In the empty halls of Avalon he recited:

“They shall be my finest warriors,
These men and women who give themselves to Avalon.
Like clay I shall mould them and in the furnace of war forge them.
They shall be of iron will and steel sinew.
In great armour I shall clad them and with the mightiest of weapons they shall be armed.
They are my bulwark against terror.
They are the defenders of the realm.
They are the Knights of Avalon and they shall know no fear."

His first act as High King of Avalon was to seek out the Mausoleum of the Dragon Slayers.
The journey was long and arduous but the rewards was worth its toil.
In the mausoleum he found many warriors from the Age of Dragons entombed in ice.
With a mighty voice he awakens the warriors from their age long slumber.
Amongst those that heeded his call was the knight with the broken mail shirt, the crazy Saracen knight and the knight who chopped sticks.  

Then there were also knights who wondered into to Avalon by sheer chance, and pledged their loyalty to the cause.
The Knight who wore an armour made of rock, was one of the first knights to pledge his sword to Avalon, a champion of the common people.

The High King’s reputation also brought many knights of quality to the Avalonian banner. The Blind Knight, the Dragon Knight, The Madd Knight, The Knight who fights with a spinning stick and many others.  

Together they are known as the Knights of Avalon, Defenders of the Realm!

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Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!  Empty Re: Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!

Post by Eardrum73 on Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:04 am

The knight with the broken mail shirt. (Aka Brokenshirt)

Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!  Dragon10

He was thus called because he always went into battle with a torn mail shirt.

During the age of Dragons he was friends with the hermit warrior called Ario. Together they fought against many jewel dragons not just with strength of arms but use of cunning and trickery as well.
With the Age of Dragons over, came the Age of the Saviours.

The knight found this new age not to his liking. While he could still hold his own, his trickery no longer worked against the new foes.

Disillusioned with the new world, he tried to sell his sword and armour to the highest bidder, but negotiations failed. He thus entered the Mausoleum of Dragon Slayers and there he laid for an age.

It was not until the Time of the Young Kingdoms where the High King of Avalon came and beckoned him to join the fight against the new enemy. He discovers Avalon and the ever changing world and this time it was much to his liking!
Many a time he helped to watch over Avalon during times of the High King’s absence.
Such was his dedication to the creed that he served as the first Grand Inquisitor of Avalon.

The people’s Champion (Aka the Rock)

Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!  Stones11

A knight that was much loved by the common people. He would often fight against injustice for the poor and the weak.
His actions incurred the wrath of the corrupt nobles and they hired a band of Genevian mercenaries to ambush him.
Taking a poison arrow in his thigh he tried desperately to fight against the mercenaries but he was severely outnumbered.

He fled to a nearby cave next to a stream, determined to put up a final stand before he succumbs to the poison. 

Unbeknownst to him, he had by chance entered the fabled realm of Avalon.

It was here that he saw the vision of the Lady of the Lake. A magical lady who healed his wounds and gave him a suit of armour made of rock where no arrow could penetrate.

She then told him to go north and there he will find a castle. The owner of the castle will help you repel these enemies.        

He did as the lady bade and true enough he found a castle on top of a hill. The castle door opened to reveal a knight clad head to toe in green plate armour with intricate design of ivy. Only the fiery light of his eyes was visible through the slits of the great helm he wore. His voice was deep and mysterious and He rode on a black outwardly warhorse.

Together they vanquish the pursuing mercenaries. Hence fought, the people’s champion pledges his service to the banner of Avalon.  

The Selfish Knight (Aka Maounin)

Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!  Untitl10

Encouraged by orphaned children to take up arms against the common foe, he donned a suit of armour and rode out against the enemy. He fought long and hard against the enemy in many campaigns.

Tired and disoriented he wandered about and stumbled into Avalon by chance. He awoke to find himself inside a castle, tended to by the High King’s servants. In the days that followed he found the castle’s hospitality to his liking and decided to remain awhile. 

At first his decision to stay was for selfish reasons, for the spoils of war he could win under the banner of Avalon. But being part of a Knightly retinue has spurned him to deeds beyond that of pure selfishness.  

The Champion Knight has since won many accolades for Avalon with his incomparable feat of arms. He is the reigning Grand Champion of the knights of Avalon.  

Personalised Knightly Story
Would you like to have your personalised knightly story told and be part of Avalonian Lore?
Write a short blurb about yourself on how you started playing TOS, listing some highlights, (it could be in-game or interactions with the TOS community or both) and what made you choose the Knights of Avalon guild. Post it on “Introdactions” and I will scribe you into the annals of Avalonian lore!

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Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!  Empty Re: Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!

Post by Cryx on Tue Apr 21, 2015 6:13 pm

Haha selfish knight. Just read this after a year... Should be doing assignment... but laziness got best of me
oh well
The Traveller (AKA C. Cryx)
No picture atm
A bored hunter who had long traveled to find a challenging mission found himself in the middle of the war amongst the summoners, the gods, and the demons.
He joined the summoners cause to help end the chaos. He went with many nicks those always started with a C, and ended with Cryx. People knew him as C. Cryx or CC.
From guild to guild he travelled, but none he saw worthy of his power, none could help him grow stronger to stop the chaos. He stayed only because he needed a place to stay at the moment. Until one day, during the lunar day where the God Chang xi was about to rampage throughout the land, he realized that his guild wouldn't be much help for him to stop Chang xi. He Quickly scout across the land to find stronger guild worthy of his power and able to help him stopping Chang xi.
He found but one guild, the Avalon. He saw the members of the guild. Many were stronger than him, many were wiser than him. He knew that this guild was his home. He knew he belonged there and he could learn and grew even stronger along side the members of Avalon. He bowed down and begged to be taken in for the first time.
He was accepted. Since that day, he fought along side the Glorious knights from the Avalon.


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Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!  Empty Re: Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!

Post by Eardrum73 on Tue Apr 28, 2015 4:51 am

Mao should be called "The first knight" since he was the first ever Knights of Avalon recruitment. Didnt even know him then, he was just a random!

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Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!  Empty Re: Knights of Avalon Fluff - The Avalonian Chronicles!

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