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[Strategy] Trial in Wonderland Empty [Strategy] Trial in Wonderland

Post by Lj_Lee on Tue Apr 08, 2014 9:47 pm

Hi all Knights,

Just sharing how I brought my Queen of Hearts home  Very Happy 

Team: PR Loki, Odin, Pullox, Alma, Endor, PR Loki (Ally)

My team is set up with two considerations, 1. to be able to do two mini burst, 2. to be able to tank hit from the Vampire guy. Daji ally would have been ideal but since the vampire hits for 17k, I needed Loki to make up my hp to 18k.

The picture below is the screenshot for google translated page of the Chinese wiki
[Strategy] Trial in Wonderland 2vuj9zr

Stage 1: Stall CD, I tried to leave the dark pawn to stall cd. But due to its low hp (20k) I didn't even manage to stall any. On hindsight, the Water might be the best to stall. PS. kill the green one first because it has the highest attk (13k)

Stage 2: Killed Hong Yue in 3 turns, stalled for a few more turns and then I got the Hare with a few dark runes left in the board.

Stage 3: After some heaven drops from the previous round, I had about 6 - 8 dark runes here in the board. Used one Loki to enchant first and strike Jackie down to about 1/3 left. Pullox/Alma for the 2nd round (my thumb accidentally swipe the board after activating pullox here, so I lost 1 diamond).

Stage 4: Loki/Odin & Endor bring Achilles down, Have to get him in one shot because I've too many gods in my team.

Stage: 5: This is where my team's hp came in useful. I basically did the 5 dark runes to get one enchanted and strike method to get Mr Vampire down, took me quite a few rounds but I wanted to keep all my actives for QoH and 3 rounds for me to get back to full hp was manageable. Though I did use pullox once here.

Stage 6: All actives on and finally Endor's boundary crossing to OHKO QoH home.

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[Strategy] Trial in Wonderland Empty Re: [Strategy] Trial in Wonderland

Post by Aki [KoA] on Wed Apr 09, 2014 9:59 pm

Okay - I screwed it up Sad
13 dmds.

My team
Santa, PR Sean, Isabell, PKoD, Cassandra, Daji (Ally)

First try died at stage 1 !!! - restarted

1: killed 3 at once; managed to stall CD on light one
2: gosh this one went wrong - 3 dmds here
3: activated Sean and had to use even santa - 2 dmds here
4: could not stall or prepare - there have been no heart drops Sad - 2 dmds and then I finally act. cass and killed him
5: sean and finished him off
6: 6 dmds! - all my actives did not bring her to 20% so Sad

Aki [KoA]

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[Strategy] Trial in Wonderland Empty Re: [Strategy] Trial in Wonderland

Post by Eardrum73 on Wed Sep 03, 2014 10:31 am

O diamond clear with Santa team.
Thanks for the strategy Chopstix!

Santa and pr daji ally
2 x pr starters (mine has cd 7 and 8. )
Cass and Medea

This gives 4 time tunnels

Stage 1 
must stall until at least one tt is active
Kill chess pieces in this order: blue, green, black and white
Its imperative you kill blue off before he hits you. Since your team is all human.

Stage 2
Kill off hong yue the chinese puppet via normal spinning and stall a little on rabit before using a tt to finish him of. If you have low cd like me use the tt with the lowest cd. If you can kill him off without a tt, then by all means do so.
Its imperative you have at least 1 tt active before you go into S3 (or if your tt is 1 cd away from being ready)

Stage 3 
Jackie has 2 cds before he delivers the death blow!
Stall for 1 turn and use a tt to burst the living daylights out of him/her.

Stage 4 
Stall here. You can afford to take two hits. Try not to take 2 hits consecutively without healing if you can. Continously clear runes to get heart gems. Stall for as long as you can for you cds.
Once you dont have enough heart gems on the board and his next hit will kill you its time to switch on Medea and use a tt to finish him off. Pr fox tt should finish him off.
During the last burst, Try to burst a few 5 sets if possible for enchanted gems. You will need Enchanted gems next turn. If not possible, its no no biggy either.

Stage 5 
Donald has 3 cd. Spend the first two cds bursting sets of 5 to get enchanted gems and on the last cd activate cass and use a starter time tunnel to finish Donald off. Dont for to burst the enchanted gems!

Stage 6
Welcome to qoh. She has a cd of 1. Activate a starter time tunnel and blow her to kingdom come.
If you can tank a hit from her clear inactive runes and healing runes to make your board more effective.

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[Strategy] Trial in Wonderland Empty Re: [Strategy] Trial in Wonderland

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